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About CapriLac®

CapriLac® was proudly the first goat milk powder in Australia. We have been providing Aussie families with Goat milk goodness since 2007. CapriLac® Australia is now one of the most widely recognised brands in the world for high quality goat milk products.

Gentle on tummies

Because of its unique structure, goat milk is gentler on the digestive system. The fat and protein molecules in goat milk are smaller than cow’s milk, making goat milk naturally gentle and easier to digest. Less digesting provides quick access to abundant nutrients without additional stress on your digestive system.

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Why choose CapriLac® goat milk?

Easy to Digest

Good Source of Calcium

A2 Goat Protein

Gentle on the Stomach

Healthy Alternative to Cows Milk

Australian Owned

My daughter and I find cow’s milk difficult to digest. We love CapriLac® goat milk as it’s creamier and doesn’t leave a milk aftertaste in our mouths. It’s lovely with cereal, coffee AND tea!
– Dahlene

Great value for money. I have bought this product for several months and i have found it excellent in quality and value.
– Mareelavina

Tastes fresh! Just as good as fresh goats milk. I recommend it.
– Sari

Wonderful product for milk-intolerance people. My mum is milk-intolerant therefore she love this product.
– Jacky

Love this product. Easy to mix. Tastes great. I love it and so do my kids. Much easier to digest.
– Marguretia

Our Australian & New Zealand Farms

Our beautiful farms of open green pasture, provide ideal conditions for our happy, healthy goats. We proudly source our fresh, natural goat milk from our local goat dairy farms for fresher product.

Gentle on the Stomach

The fat and protein molecules in Goat Milk are smaller and easier on the stomach. This means as soon as goat milk hits your stomach, it can be digested then absorbed, and all the nutrients can get to work.


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