The CapriLac® Supply Chain

Our CapriLac® products are proudly made in Australia, with 100% natural goat milk from our Australian and New Zealand Farms. See below our secure supply chain behind each of our CapriLac products.

Supply Chain

1. Australian & New Zealand Goats

  • Our goat dairy farms spread across both Australia and New Zealand to ensure we have sufficient supply for our customers across the regional milking periods.
  • Our goats roam outdoors on lush green pastures, and enjoy eating trees, shrubs, farm grown hay and grains.

2. Fresh Goat Milk

  • CapriLac® products are made with 100% Natural Australian & New Zealand Goat Milk.
  • Our goat milk is free from any artificial additives including preservatives and no added hormones.
  • All CapriLac® products are GMO free

3. Drying

Our fresh goat milk is brought to our specialist dairy factory in Australia, to be transformed into the variety of products we make today. Our goat milk powder products are spray dried in our state-of-the art facility to ensure high nutritional values in our product.

4. Packaging

We then pack our goat milk powder using a process which removes almost all of the detectable oxygen, for locked in freshness. This improves the quality of the product and protects the product, so it stays fresher for longer.

5. Testing & Quality Checks

Our CapriLac® products are independently tested at each stage of our supply chain, however, the most important check is the last check before we send these out to our consumers. We have strict rules and regulations in place to ensure our CapriLac® products are of the highest quality.

6. Transportation

Our products are then transported to our consumers all over the world using our secure supply chain and are fully traceable by batch. These are safely transported by truck, sea or plane depending on its destination.

7. End Consumer

Our premium CapriLac® Goat Milk products are then consumed by our loyal CapriLac® customers all over the world! Our consumers enjoy the daily benefits of CapriLac® goat milk.


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