Our Australian Farms

Our Farms

CapriLac® started as a small goat dairy in Gippsland, south east Victoria in Australia. Gippsland is one of the largest dairy producing regions in Australia and is known for its lush green pastures, ideal for goat grazing.

As CapriLac® has grown, we have expanded and now have a number of farms across both Australia and New Zealand. Our beautiful farms of open green pasture, provide great conditions for our goats, who enjoy eating plants such as trees, shrubs, farm grown hay and grains. We pride ourselves on having happy, healthy goats that are well fed on our farms. We have strict rules and regulations in place to ensure all our farmers meet our highly quality expectations.

Our Milk

We proudly source our fresh, natural goat milk from our local farms. This secure local process helps to deliver fresher product, better nutritional values, better taste and better solubility. Goat milk sourced from Australia and New Zealand is premium due to its trusted country of origin with strict rules and regulations to produce high quality products.

We bring the milk to our specialist dairy factory in the state of Victoria, Australia to be transformed into the variety of products we make today.

Our Saanen Goats

Did you know there are over 210 breeds of goats?

We source our 100% natural goat milk from Saanen Goats. They are known as one of the most productive dairy goats in the world, producing high volumes of milk. Originally from Saanen Valley in Switzerland, hence the name, their coats are all white or all cream in colour, with pointed upright ears. They prefer cooler conditions, which is why our farms are located in country Victoria in the southern region of Australia and New Zealand. They are usually very calm animals and they prefer to keep to a routine and respond quickly to affection.

Each CapriLac® product is proudly made right here in Australia, using premium Australian and New Zealand goat milk.


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