Why Goat Milk

The Benefits of CapriLac® Goat Milk

Because of its unique structure, goat milk is gentler on the digestive system and has a range of other benefits.

Easy to Digest

The fat and protein molecules are smaller and easier on the stomach. This means as soon as goat milk reaches your stomach, it can be digested then absorbed, and all the nutrients can get to work.

Good Source of Calcium

Unlike other non-dairy alternatives, goat milk naturally provides a good source of calcium. Calcium in dairy products is more easily absorbed and used by the body, than most other foods. Calcium is essential for the development and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones, supports normal muscle function and helps the body produce energy.

A2 Goat Protein

Goat milk is naturally pure A2 beta-casein protein, containing none of the A1 molecules. This can result in a more calmer tummy, with less of the issues some people experience when digesting cow’s milk, like bloating, nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, loose stools, and even rashes.

Natural Prebiotic

Goat milk has more oligosaccharides (non-digestible carbohydrates) than cows’ milk. These may act as prebiotics in the gut and could help to maintain the health of the digestive system, by encouraging the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

Less Lactose

While lactose is found in both cow milk and goat milk, goat milk contains less lactose than cow milk. Goat milk contains a unique combination of low-density protein and an easily digestible fat structure.

Why choose CapriLac® goat milk?

Easy to Digest

Good Source of Calcium

A2 Goat Protein

Gentle on the Stomach

Healthy Alternative to Cows Milk

Australian Owned


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